Beaphar Insecticidal Dog Shampoo 250ml



Beaphar Insecticidal Dog Shampoo will kill fleas living in dogs’ coats, and leave the coat glossy and tangle-free. This product is suitable for dogs over 12 weeks of age.

The shampoo should be diluted before use. The volume needed depends on the size of the dog: Small dog (1.5-5.0 kg): Add 30 ml shampoo to 300 ml warm water. Medium dog (5.1 – 15kg): Add 50ml shampoo to 300ml warm water. Large dog (15.1 – 30kg): Add 70ml shampoo to 300ml warm water. Wet the dog’s coat thoroughly with warm water. The diluted shampoo should be gradually worked into the coat, avoiding eyes, nostrils and mouth, to give a good lather. Leave in the coat for 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly with clean water.