Premium Linseed Oil



Linseed Oil is an excellent dietary supplement. Containing natural Omega 3 which is essential in maintaining a healthy skin and coat for your horse. Linseed Oil is highly palatable to the horse and is a useful digestive aid, as well as improving conditioning and performance.

It is also ideal when weight gain is desired without increasing feed levels.

Comes in a 4.5ltr bottle.

Feeding Instructions: Add to the normal feed ration. Feed 50ml per day.

Composition: Linseed Oil.

Key Benefits:

  • Dietary supplement for horses.
  • Contains natural omega 3.
  • Maintains healthy skin and coat.
  • Ideal for weight gain without increasing feeding levels.

Always follow instructions carefully.

Dosage: 50ml per age of horse.

Life Stage Dose Volume Number of full doses per this 4.5L pack
Foal 50 ml 90
Yearling 50 ml 90
Colt/Filly 50 ml 90
Mature 50 ml 90